Mark My Word

A new type of word game. Whole words, partial words. Mix and match to outscore your opponents.

Players drag letter tiles from their rack to the board. If the letter makes the existing letters into a valid word it "locks" those existing letters and points are awarded: 1 point per letter in the complete word for each "unlocked" tile to the player that placed the tile to the board, and 2 points per tile in the complete word for the letter that finishes a word (at least the minimum word length). The minimum word length can set set to two, three or four letters in 'Options'.

EXAMPLE: If Player 1 placed the tiles "A" and "R" to the right of the locked letter "E" and the minimum word length was two or three letters, the "A" tile would earn Player 1 three points (3 letter word times 1 point per letter) and the "R" would earn the player 6 points (3 letter word times 2 points per letter) for completing the word.

If Player 2 then played an "N" after the "R" to form the word EARN, Player 2 would be awarded 12 points (8 letter word times 2 points per letter) for completing the word. Since the letters in "EAR" already formed a word and were awarded points, no further points are awarded for locking those letters.

Invalid Plays: If the player attempts to place a tile in a valid position in an attempt to make a word, but the letter placed does not make a valid partial word, it is an invalid play. In this case, the letter is destroyed, the player loses 5 points, and the turn automatically passes to the next player.

Ending the Turn: After the player is finished placing tiles to the board, the player may select the "PASS" button and the turn will then go the the next player in a clockwise direction. If the player has placed all the tiles in the rack to the board, the turn will pass automatically.

Winning the Game: After every tile is played to the board, or if every player passes on his/her turn and the player on the second pass chooses to end the game, every unlocked tile on the board subtracts 2 points from the player that placed it. Additionally, every tile in the rack subtracts 1 point from the total score of that player. The player with the highest score at the end is awarded the victory.

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